Mobile Hookah Lounges at your next party

Bar, Cafe, Hookah Lounge, Entertainment Venue & Gathering Space

Mobile Hookah Lounges at your next party


SHISHADEN is an Environment~ a world-within a world. Created as an alternative environment offering for events, weddings and festivals, where people sit, relax, make new friends, and simply ‘take it all in’. Originally created as a hookah dome, this unique ‘evnivronment-within-an-environment’ has served as a space for multiple functions, including VIP lounges, receptions, yoga classes, DJ stages, cabaret/sideshow stage, compact DJ dance club, and more.

Imagine a huge glowing orb in the distance. Tribal ambient music & torches draw you near. Step inside, and become transported to a foreign land. A lavish environment stylized to invoke images of the ancient silk road. Ornate hookah pipes sit on low tables, as event participants lounge on velvety pillows in the shade.

HOOKAH TENT: Just like the Dome, only bigger, and more open. A welcoming 20×30 canopy tent intrigues passers-by to stop in, relax, enjoy a hookah, or meet friends.

SPACE CONVERSIONS: Imagine your living room, patio, back yard, or reception hall transformed into a plush pillow den, with ambient lights, rugs and draperies ( and hookahs!) for your next party. Options abound, with the addition of belly dancers, sword jugglers, or other unique entertainment.

CHILL DOME ( or tent ):
Shishaden has served as the backdrop for numerous activities that don’t include Hookah, including Yoga classes, Workshops, Film shoots, Art / Craft space, and a Chillout Lounge.

SHOW DOME ( or tent ):

Shishaden is an unforgettable performance stage area for DJ’s and bands or as backdrop for fire dancers and circus shows.

* Shishaden is a great offering to accent your event’s VIP ticket price, providing a truly unique experience unavailable at other events.


All supplies necessary to create the environment provided. All trash removed from site by us.
GeoDome, or Tent delivered, set-up, and taken down at end of event.
All necessary Hookah supplies included for unlimited enjoyment.
All servers provided, for a hassle-free experience.
Pillows, rugs, draperies, tassles, candles, incense, low tables, and ornamentation included.
All lighting, plugs, cords and cables provided. * Power source provided by venue.
In-house music system, speakers, and ambient music selection included.
Emergency rainproof covering.


* DJs * Fire Dancers * Belly Dancers * Snake Handlers / Charmers * Sword Jugglers * Sideshow artists
* Bed of Nails artist * Fire eaters

Environment: * Tiki Torches * Ambient exterior Flame effects


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