1612 Castle St. Wilmington, NC 28401

Astrology Comes to Juggling Gypsy! { WEDS + SAT 5-8PM }

Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

Astrology Comes to Juggling Gypsy! { WEDS + SAT 5-8PM }

NEW at the Gypsy! ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS Weds and Sat every week ( 5PM until…)
from San Francisco’s Very own Sheryl Schlocker.
Not only for the serious Astrology Buffs, Cheryl Is adept in unmasking Astrology for the novice, and explaining AstrOlogy’s relation to you in simple, easy to understand language.

Interested in learning more? Drop in Wednesdays or Saturdays from 5PM-8PM.
or email Sheryl at sShlocks11@gmail.com

Rates are based on sliding scale, with a suggested minimum of $10 for a primary consultation.
In-depth assessments and consultations also available. Average rate for a 30 minute consult is $25

About the Astrologer:
Sheryl Schlocker, San Francisco Astrologer since 1984 currently lives in Wilmington and
offers astrology consultations at the Juggling Gypsy Cafe on Wednesdays and
Saturdays from 5-until 8 PM ~ or later by appointment

More from Sheryl:
I will identify,clarify and interpret the potential expression of your
astrological information. It is helpful if you have the exact time of your
birth, but if you don’t, I can still give you a substantial amount of data
and insight. I look forward to meeting you.

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