1612 Castle St. Wilmington, NC 28401


Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

At 150 beers and climbing, the Juggling Gypsy has undeniably one of the largest and most diverse beer selections in Wilmington. With an ever-changing selection, there’s simply no way to list them all. ( see below for our most recent beer menu incarnation)

Find something familiar, pick one at random, or better yet, ASK US! Tell us what you like, and we’ll be happy to recommend something that we think you’ll enjoy!

WE ALSO SERVE DRAFT BEER: Ask for current selection.


Abita Purple Haze
Ace Perry
Ace Pineapple
Ace Space
AMB Bad Motherpucker
AMB Mystic Dragon Cider
AMB Raspise Raspb Mint
AMB Sinful Plum Scarlet
Amstel Light
AndersonVal BloodOR (FS)
AndersonVal Briny Melon
AndersonVal FramboiRose
Angry Orch Crisp Apple
B.Nektar Believe :AMgod)
B.Nektar Dudes Rug
B.Nektar Necromangocon
B.Nektar Zombie Killer
BallastPoint GF Sculp
BallastPoint Habnero Sculp
BallastPoint Moscow Mule
BallastPoint Pineapp Sculp
BallastPoint Sculpin
BallastPoint SOur Wench
BallastPoint Unfiltered
BallastPoint Victory at Sea
Bear Republic Racer 5
Bells Two Hearted
Bitburger LG
Black Boss Porter LG
Black Boss Porter (sm)
Blakes El Chavo MangoHab
BlakesRainbow Seeker
BluePoint Plum Gose 16oz
Boulevard Jam Band
Brewers Day off
Bull City OYAH
Bravazzi Grapefruit Spiked
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour
Bud Light
BUll City Off Main
CBC Pale Ale
Champoin Missile IPA
Chimay Blue
ClownShoes ChocSombreo
ClownShoes Mango Kolsh
Coors Lite
Crispin Rose
D-9 Defying Gravity Sour
D-9 Disccord Sour
D-9 Whiskers on Kittens
Delirium Nocturnum
Delirium Tremens
Dogfish 90 min~9.2%
Dogfish Dragons Yumyum
Dogfish Midas Touch
Dogfish Pennsylvania
Dogfish Romantic Chemist
Dogfish Sea Quench
Duck Rabbit~Amber
Duck Rabbit~Milk Stout
Duclaw Midnight Due
Duclaw Purple Passion
Duclaw Retribution
Duclaw Sweet baby Java
Duclaw Sweet baby Jesus
Elysian Space Dust
Flying Dog Bloodline
Flying Dog Dead Rise (SS)
Flying Dog Fever Dream
Flying Dog Gonzo Port
Foothills Carolina~blonde
Foothills Tangled Vine
Foothills Torch Pilsener
Fortnight OffwHerHead sour
Fortnight Pendragon Porter
Founders All Day IPA
Founders Breakfast Stout
Funky Buddha Floridian
Funky Buddha IwantNowLG
Funky Buddha No Crusts
Funky Buddha Pineap Bch
Gaffel Kolsh
Guinness:lg DRAFT can
Hacker Schorr Weiss
Harpoon Dunkin Coffee
Harpoon IPA
Harpoon UFO Pink Lemon
Harpoon UFO White
Highland Blk MochaStout
Highland Gaelic Ale
Highland IPA
Highland Oatmeal Porter
Highland Pilsener
Highland St Theresas Pale
Hoegarden White Ale
Killians Red
Lagunitas Aunt Sally
Lagunitas Brn Shuga (WS)
Lagunitas Citrusensis
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
Lagunitas IPA
Lagunitas Lil Sumpthin
Lagunitas Pilsener
Lagunitas Sumpthin Easy
Left Hand Milk Stout
Lost Coast Indica IPA
Lucky Buddha
Magic hat #9
Michelob Ultra
Mickey’s (BAND)
Miller High Life
Miller lite
Mission Root Beer
Modelo Especial
National Bohemian(BAND)
Natty Green Wildflower
New BelgiumFat Tire
NewBelgian ReservSour
NewBelgium Citradelic IPA
NewBelgium Dayblazer
NewBelgium Glutiny
NewBelgium Hemperor
NewBelgium Voodoo Rangr
Orang Blosom ToastCoco
PBR 24z
PBR bottle
Pils Urquell
Pisgah Pale Ale
Red Hare Bright Eyed IPA
Red Hare Soft J IPA
Red Hare SPF
Red Hook LongHamm IPA
Red Stripe
Roak Powerboat
SamSmith ChocStout LG
SamSmith ImperStout LG
SamSmith Oat Stout LG
Sam Smiths 12oz BOTTS
Seadog Blueberry
Seadog Raspberry
Shiner Bock
Shiner Ruby Redbird (SS)
Shocktop Belgian White
Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Spaten Lager
St Pauli Girl N/Alc
Stella Artois
Stone Arrogant bastard
Stone Delicious IPA
Stone IPA
Stone Punk in Drublik
Sweetwater 420
Sweetwater GoinCoast Pine
Tarboro Seed Splitter Gose
Terrapin Hopsecutioner
Terrapin Moo Hoo Milk
ThomasCreek Red
ThomasCrk ChocBanSplit
ThomasCrk Coffee OatStout
ThomCrk Up The Creek
Toasted Coconut Porter
Truly Spiked Lime Seltzer
Truly Spiked Pomegranate
Uinta Baba
Uinta Golden Ale
Uinta Lime Pilsener
Victory Golden Monkey
Victory Kirsch Gose
Victory Sour Monkey
Viking Frauach SC Sour
Warsteiner Pils
Weyerbach Berry Monks
Weyerbach Sxy MthrPcr
White Street Kolsh
Wild Tonic Raspb Goji

And by the time you read this, there will be new ones. Come in to witness the actual selection!