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01 Oct
Tarot Thursdays {Starting at 6}

Love. Money. Fame. Respect. Peace. Strength. What are you seeking? Ask the tarot. Starting 2015, Tarot readers will converge on the Gypsy to give Tarot readings to all who seek it. Thursday evenings. Solo, couple or group readings available. All you have to do, is show up. Also available for private readings, consultations, group readings,

11 Dec
More Juggling Gypsy, anyone?

2015 Licensing Opportunities: Juggling Gypsy Cafe. After 10 years of creating a vibrant and engaging social space in Wilmington, NC, you could say we’re established. And we’ve learned quite a few things along the way. And after the 1000th time of hearing, “We really need A Gypsy in [insert just about any city name here]”,

15 Oct
Learn belly dance, the fire arts, circus skills & more.

The Juggling Gypsy hosts a number of talented performers and instructors in various disciplines of fire dance, belly dance, drumming, and juggling/flow props. Fire performers. belly dancers. Drummers. Sideshow artists. Jugglers. Fan dancers. Firewalkers. You name it, we know them. These alternative performance artforms are not just for those who want to pursue an entertainment

24 Jun
We want your next event | Juggling Gypsy

Juggling Gypsy is open-sourcing the experience to our fans, friends and family. So we’re looking to YOU for more cool stuff to share with the great peoples of the ILM. We’re open to just about anything here at The Gypsy. Workshops, lectures, theatrical presentations, film screenings, dinner events, daytime thingys, special ridiculous events, masquerades, theme