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Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

Gypsy tears in a bottle? yep. Get yours.

As the saying goes, fight fire with fire. So, when battling leaks, we’re using water against water. Introducing Gypsy Tears bottled water. Pure distilled, ozonated, chlorine-free, sodium-free, and even Kosher. Bam. Buying one (or more) of these beautiful works of liquid-filled magic will provide good luck, and totally support our fundraising efforts to repair the…
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Heartwarming PSA’s for the Gypsy’s Raise The Roof Fundraiser

Enjoy this telling PSA on why the roof project is so damn important. see more heartfelt PSA’s below. THE GOAL IS $4,000. for a professional grade rubber EPDM Roof. If we hit our goal BEFORE March 28th, All proceeds generated at the March 28 telethon will go to the nonprofit, Cape Fear Riverwatch Who protect…
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Donate to the Gypsy’s Roof Fundraiser Project

It’s time to rally for a leak-free Gypsy experience. And we can’t do it without YOU. The Goal: To raise $4,000 in necessary funds to install a professional rubber roof. As of March 29, 2015, We are at $2,159 of our needed Goal. Still a ways to go, though. If you love the Gypsy, are…
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