1612 Castle St. Wilmington, NC 28401

Thursdays: Circus Industry Night.

Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

Thursdays: Circus Industry Night.

Kinda like Service Industry Night, but for Circus and the performing arts. Whether you balance things on your head, hula hoop, or spin fire, or something we’ve never heard of… We’ve made this night for you to come socialize, talk shop, and of course, the performance space is open. Drummers converge on occasion to bring up the beat.

Everyone’s welcome on Thursdays. There’s no fixed start time- it’s not a show, after all. A juggler may be practicing clubs, you may fall into a conversation with a sword swallower, or someone might suddenly eat fire. Things like this happen here on Thursdays (and other nights, too).

If it’s a show you’re looking for, check our events calendar for some of the strangest cool stuff we present here.

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