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Pillowfight club | Informal ‘meetings’ in the back yard

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Pillowfight club | Informal ‘meetings’ in the back yard

Got a score to settle with your ex-bestie? Want to wallop the guy you’ve just been drinking shots with? Do it here in a respectable way. It’s Pillow fight club. A new thing just getting off the ground, and we’re looking for more battlers. If this takes off, it might just turn into pillow fight league. One can dream…
To pillow fight, just ask around, and ask about pillow fight club. Someone knows something. Try the bartender. And before you know it, you’re standing in a gravel pit armed with a couch cushion and your wits. It’s all fun, and no one gets hurt. They are pillows after all…Right?

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IF Pillowfighting isn’t for you, no worries. You don’t have to do it. But watching it is sometimes twice as fun. Mixed in with Murphy’s Grand Ole Opry indoors, featuring live, loud, sometimes lude, and always local musical mayhem, it’s certainly a night to remember. Whiskey specials may just make it a night you wish you could remember. 😉

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