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Mobile Hookah Lounge~ Shishaden

Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

Enter the Shishaden; The Juggling Gypsy’s Mobile Hookah Dome & ultimate chill lounge.
Available for festivals, weddings, and other large scale events.

Imagine A huge glowing orb in the distance. Tribal ambient music & torches draw you nearer. When you step inside, you are transported to a foreign land, as groups lounge in circles around ornate hookah pipes. You are now in Shishaden.

Available in either a 25′ Geodesic dome, or 20×30 canopy, lavishly decorated with tapestries, furry rugs, pillows, ambient lights, world music, and hookahs, SHISHADEN is an Environment~ a world-within a world. The vibe is chill, and the people are loving it.

Elaborately dressed belly dancers are available to perform in center,
while we serve you exotic Middle Eastern Hookah pipes with sweet-smelling Jasmine, Vanilla, or fruit-infused tobacco & tea.
You may be surprised to see a snake-handler, Middle Eastern drummer, or sword juggler appear.

Shishaden comes as a complete turnkey offering…Completely lit, decorated, staffed, and stocked with all the tobacco and coals needed for worry-free hookah smoking. All you have to do is enter, sit, and be treated! Adorned with draperies, pillows, and an assortment of 1000 Arabic downtempo songs over a private PA provides ambient music for your guests.

Package comes with:
* 25′ Geodesic dome or 20×30 canopy tent.
* emergency rainproof covering.
* forest green outer dome covering
* 3 man crew for setup/breakdown
* Art decorator & fabric decorations.
* Complete decoration lighting system, rope lights, hanging lanterns
* PA system, music player, and Arabic downtempo music selection
* Full Assembly & breakdown * total 3 hours up, 3 down.
* Lounge Pillows, rugs
* Basic: 6 socializing tables, covered and decorated
* Basic: 6 Hookahs, water, coals, 6 flavors of molasses tobacco, lighters
* votive candles & incense
* Hookah Service/music attendant dressed in theme-specific attire.
* Tiki torches, fuel for exterior.
* extension cords, power outlets/back end cables, wires all come with Shishaden

Shishaden is A surefire latenight public event hotspot, or visually stimulating accessory to your event’s other environments. Contact us for a quote today.

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