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Electic live music & fringe performing arts venue.  Check it. 

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Eat Drink & Be Merry


We offer a little of everything!  Casual fare, coffees & teas, adult beverages, Hookah service, and of course, Entertainment from every performance genre.

A Full Ready Bar

150+ beers, wine selection, spirits menu, Sake, and Absinthe available

drink menu

Warm Comfort Food

Artisan Grilled Cheeses, Home Made Hummus, Wraps, Coffees & Teas

Food Menu

Hookah Lounge

100+ different Shisha blends, outdoor patios and belly dance showcases 

Hookah Menu


It’s a strange place. But don’t be afraid. Come be yourself.

Since 2004, The Juggling Gypsy has been a paragon of performance- both onstage and off.  As A favorite hangout of artists, travelers, and locals, seeking a unique experience, good conversations, and possibly a display of your own strange talents.   The common bond is entertainment, food&drink, and art in all its forms. You are hereby invited to visit. 

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A little something for everyone

From a full bar, offering spirits & 150 microbrews, to Artisan Grilled Cheeses & handmade Hummus, to over 100 Hookah blends, to a vast array of entertainment offerings of Live Music, including Circus Acts, Sideshow, Burlesque, Belly Dance, DJs, and all of the weirdest stuff you just can’t find elsewhere.


He just looked so happy, we left him there.  He seems like he’d enjoy our place. And that other person can bring their tablet too, since we have free and strong wifi for the people. 


This isn’t a *insert demographic type* place.  It’s for everyone- Regardless of color, shape, age, ethnicity, mobility, who you pray to ( or don’t ) , who you voted for,  who you define yourself as, or who you love.  With a mix like this, the conversations can be epic. We have two rules: 1) Don’t break the law and  2) Don’t be an A**hole.

Your Idea Brought to Life

We’re present events alllll the time. Why not yours?  Your indie film Screening. Arm Wrestling competition?  Your Baton routine debut. Hot Dog Eating Contest? Your Piano concerto. Or a lecture on the infiteness of space.  Or your awesome band. Anything is possible . And we want to hear from you. 

Check our events! 

From DJs to Accordionists, Ska bands to Yodelers, Banjo Punk to Gothic Blues, Burlesque to Bollywood, Sideshows to slideshows, Folk, Reggae, Jazz, Noise, you name it.           If it’s genre-smashing, we host it here.  

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Damn, that’s a lot of beers

Last we counted, it was 173 different beers. Plus, a full spirit bar, and wine selection). We can’t fit em all in the coolers, so next time you’re in, let us know what you’re favorite one is, and we’ll try to surprise you. 


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The Occasional Blogler

More news is good news. Especially when it’s good news. 

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Contact us

Send us a message. Burning Questions, love notes, suggestions, kudos, or general inquiries.  Or call us. We open at 3PM daily.

Are you a band, or performing act looking to book a show at our venue? Click me instead.

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