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We want your next event | Juggling Gypsy

Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

We want your next event | Juggling Gypsy

Juggling Gypsy is open-sourcing the experience to our fans, friends and family.
So we’re looking to YOU for more cool stuff to share with the great peoples of the ILM.

We’re open to just about anything here at The Gypsy.

Workshops, lectures, theatrical presentations, film screenings, dinner events, daytime thingys,
special ridiculous events, masquerades, theme parties, hot dog eating contests, feats of daring,
world record attempts, celebrity chef brunches, kazoo marching band invasions, take-overs,
flash mobs, Obscure holiday celebrations, you name it.

We’ve got the backline, infrastructure, space, and creative think tank to get your idea hatched.
Whether it’s a one-time thing, weekly, monthly, or an annual shebang. We can help it become reality.
And we’ll even help you promote it.

All you have to do is be that fearless leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Contact info@jugglinggypsy.com today for more details on launching the coolest thing you’ve ever or never done….yet.

Juggling Gypsy~ international den of mystery
Est 2004.

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