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Donate to the Gypsy’s Roof Fundraiser Project

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Donate to the Gypsy’s Roof Fundraiser Project

It’s time to rally for a leak-free Gypsy experience. And we can’t do it without YOU.
The Goal: To raise $4,000 in necessary funds to install a professional rubber roof.
As of March 29, 2015, We are at $2,159 of our needed Goal. Still a ways to go, though.

If you love the Gypsy, are tired of getting leaked on, or just need some extra Karma points,
please donate to the construction effort for a professional leak-proof roof.

See our full-on OFFICIAL TELETHON WEBPAGE here to see funny videos, Infographs, and check the current donation tally..

The Plan: We’re accepting donations of all sizes via paypal to achieve our goal.
With a super real-deal Telethon on March 28th, called RAISE THE ROOF.

We’ve been here 11 years! Thousands of performances, bands, theatre acts, and unique events…Hard to believe it’s been that long!
With the tremendous support of the Wilmington community, we have created and built some amazing events and memories in the process…
With many more to come. The building itself has transformed into a vibrant and artistic entity all its own.
And even so, the elephant in the room remains.
“Bash, you really need to fix the roof”.
Ahem, yeah I know.

For those of you who haven’t encountered the Gypsy post-heavy-rain, here’s the deal:
She leaks. And in some distractingly amusing spots. Like onstage, and over some of the best most perfectest seating spots. Grr.

Otherwise known as “Gypsy Tears”, these little droplets of indoor precipitation may pounce on your head, causing
a vast array of possible reactions including shock, laughter, social discomfort, paranoia, thoughts of gravitational law,
to downright scowl-making.

Market research isn’t our forte, but We can only assume that not everyone appreciates these little infiltrators.
Though it is virtually lore by now, that if a Gypsy tear falls upon one’s head, that person receives good fortune.
Epic, awesome ‘pool parties’ have been assembled in anticipation of heavy rains.
Gypsy tears have been mistaken for ghosts.
They have been reported to stimulate hair growth for those afflicted with male pattern baldness.
Yet, as much fun as the rain has provided over the years,
(and although everyone has been really great sports about it…)

And now for the serious stuff:
We have obtained a professional estimate from Best Distributing, for a professional rubber roof:
All necessary materials are estimated at $3,125.00 {see estimate}
With an estimated $875 for feeding and honoring the laborers who will help us install it,
bringing the total goal to $4,000.00

This is the page for all the latest details as they arise, the latest tallys, PSA’s, how to donate, how to participate, and even where to watch the telethon LIVE.
Thank you for joining in on this most serious undertaking of hilarious proportions.
Stay tuned!
( And please donate, if you can. Every drip in the bucket helps.

Sebastian Gomez (Bash)
on behalf of myself, and the entire Juggling Gypsy crew.
We thank you.



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