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Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

Welcome to WHAT NOW. What now is an upcoming event/happening/experience unlike anything you’ve seen/been/done before.
It will be what you make it.

The underlying concept is this:
You’ve lived life. ( some longer than others).
Collecting is one of life’s rich luxuries.
Over time, we gather things. Whether they be memories, stuff, habits, friendships, positions, beliefs, what have you.
We all know that not ALL of the things we collect are good for us.
Maybe they were once, and maybe it’s time to let something go.
Maybe it’s a lot of things. Maybe it’s one reallllly big thing.
But As the saying goes: That which you Hold, holds you.

You WILL have the opportunity in numerable ways to identify, confront, and deal with these burdens.
Life is short. There’s lots of future ahead, and it might be nice to let go of some of the past.
Store it in the cloud, send it to the ether, or pass it on.

Either way, there’s about to be a lighter YOU.
And you’ll be more ready than ever to look the future in the eyehole,
You don’t have to be ready. You just have to want it.

So, What Now?
Stay tuned. Bookmark this page, and keep up with the event link stumbled here from.

And to get in the spirit, throw something away that you don’t need before logging off.