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Gypsy tears in a bottle? yep. Get yours.

Amazing things await you at Juggling Gypsy

Gypsy tears in a bottle? yep. Get yours.

As the saying goes, fight fire with fire.
So, when battling leaks, we’re using water against water.
Introducing Gypsy Tears bottled water.

Pure distilled, ozonated, chlorine-free, sodium-free, and even Kosher. Bam.
Buying one (or more) of these beautiful works of liquid-filled magic will provide good luck,
and totally support our fundraising efforts to repair the Gypsy roof.

Donate $3 or more to our Raise The Roof fundraising campaign, and bring your payment receipt
to the Gypsy to receive your very own bottle of Purified Gypsy Tears.

Nothing makes the day complete better than a cool refreshing bottle of Gypsy tears.
Still not convinced? watch this short informational video to learn how Gypsy tears are made.
And they’re available for sale at the Juggling Gypsy as we speak.

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