Weds Apr 8: Bring the Kids at 6! Caveman Dave Will rock you.

Kid Songs for Adults ( & Kids) 6PM & 8:30 PM

The universal message from Caveman Dave: We’re all kids. And he’s about to prove it. Caveman Dave
writes and performs family-friendly folk songs for children of all ages. From elementary schools, tea rooms, to gritty dive bars, Caveman Dave does it all.

With influences ranging from Shel Silverstein, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Van Morrison, Hank Williams Sr, and Raffi his music transcends generations.
While engaging audiences of all ages with positive message songs, Caveman Dave will have you singing, clapping along and might even leave you with one of his catchy melodies stuck in your brain.

Kids Show @ 6PM, with the Big People version later around 10:30.

Get a taste of what’s in store:

A YouTube here…Caveman
Dave ~ Dinosaurs Are Cool:

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