Tuesday Music Lab

Tuesday Music Lab : live music this spring at the Gypsy.

Tuesdays, there’s something to live for once again. EXPERIMENTAL & INDEPENDENT MUSIC in Early shows!
The redheaded stepchild of the week is breaking out in a new outfit.
Utilizing science, spiritual guidance, and archaic math from bygone eras, the world-renowned team of scientists at the Gypsy Labs have concocted a surefire mix of music, libations and jackassery and distilled it into a potent elixir for those Tuesday night woes.
This ain’t a weekly jazz night. Every act is different. but every act will be playing totally original music.
It gets better. Cheap drinks, discount hookah specials, and early shows! Just. for. YOU.

Shows start early, around 8PM, for all you worker bees! Tuesday just got a whole lot cooler.
Welcome to the Lab.
~juggling gypsy
Juggling Gypsy Tuesday Music Lab

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