Sat June 20 | Multi-Instramentalist/Dream Pop Artist ‘Classy Mongrel’

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Sat June 20 | Multi-Instramentalist/Dream Pop Artist ‘Classy Mongrel’

Multi-Instramentalist/Dream Pop Artist ‘Classy Mongrel’ Live at the Juggling Gypsy
6/20/15 at 9pm

Classy Mongrel’s sound is not too dissimilar to bands such as Toro Y Moi and Purity Ring, except it pushes onwards, further in to the realms of the ethereal. It’s this trance like feeling which makes his music so compelling. He definitely has a talent for mixing together unique sounds, ranging from 80s style synths to peculiar effects, and he isn’t lacking the confidence to pull it off.

Classy Mongrel’s music is probably best described as the perfect soundtrack for looking through a kaleidoscope – a mesh of complex colours, that get more and more elaborate the longer you’re exposed to it.

Classy Mongrel uses a range of different sounds to accomplish this dream-like sound, with synths, effects and samples of all kinds being brought in to action.

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