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The New York Nudie Revue brings the best of modern sideshow and
burlesque–we promise to thrill and chill you with this show bill! Hosted
by Albert Cadabra, we present a flurry of visual delights: sparkling
classic burlesque from Evelyn DeVere, hilarious burlesque with your
favorite nerdy characters from Tiger Bay, and shocking illusions and feats
of endurance from Mr. Cadabra!

A master of illusion and charm, Albert Cadabra is an award-winning comedy
sideshow magician who conjures astonishing and devilishly wild magic.
Pushing and twisting the boundaries of the art of magic, Albert is
internationally known for his unique performances; you can see him eating a
dinner of razor blades and washing them down by swallowing a 3 foot long
balloon whole, hammering 6 inch spikes into his face, electrocuting himself
with 2,000 volts of electricity and transforming his assistant into a
gorilla. He is capable of vanishing people and animals at will, and is an
expert at escaping from chains, shackles, locked crates and straight
jackets, even while strung 40 feet in the air by his ankles, only held safe
by a flimsy bit of rope. All this and more, Albert delivers with
unmatchable style, class and his inviting sense of humor.

Tiger Bay graduated from the New York School of Burlesque and serves as
spokesmodel for KLAWTEX Latex Costume and Couture. Tiger Bay performs
regularly around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and is a member of RAWR
Burlesque and a regular performer for D20 Burlesque. Her repertoire
consists of various animals, plants, weather systems and bipedal humanoids.

Evelyn DeVere began her burlesque career in 2010 after previously studying
ballet, jazz, tap, and belly dance. She founded the Ménage à Trois
Burlesque and the variety troupe Carnivalesque in Charleston, SC. She is
also a professional seamstress, designing and making all of her costumes as
well as those for fellow performers. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY
and performs regularly in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Charleston, SC.

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