Thu. July 30: Special Thursday Show: the Deer Run Drifters: Whiskey Bluegrass Folk

A special musical appearance by the up and coming Deer Run Drifters happens Thursday, July 30th.

What do you get when you take two sets of brothers, the broken remnants of an unheard Alt-Country band, and the skills of a veteran bassist? Is it countless cases of beer? Maybe it’s endless amounts of broken guitar strings, or perhaps more simply, it’s those late night practices in an empty wood shed knowing you have to drag your ass into work the next morning. Well, it’s all of those things. More importantly, it’s the perfect combination of those things. It’s none other than a genuine love for music that has forged The Deer Run Drifters. With one half of the band influenced by the sounds and lyrics of Alt-Country, and the other half deeply rooted in a more modern folk, The Deer Run Drifters have quickly carved themselves out a perfect spot in Americana music.

There will be a nominal cover charge for this event. Starts at 8:30 PM

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