Friday April 10: Lil Skritt returns!

The Gypsy has had its share of oddly amsusing and highly entertaining acts,
But wrap them up into one, smash it with a rock, and you’ll have Lil Skritt.
in the immortal words of Performance artist, Lil Skritt,
“PRrrrrr CA CAWW! Skritt!”
If this sounds too strange to be true, let us assure you it is.

Lil Skritt is the southern fried electric groovin funky rapper/ r
and b singer from Charlotte, NC. Been in the game for a while, he brings that sweet
southern draw that will make you panties fall. He’s got the pop that will make ya
booty rock. If ya aint never been to a Skritt show and you decide to go, just dont
bring yo kids but BRING YA MAMA!

Take a second from your day job to enjoy these:

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