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At 150 beers and climbing, the Juggling Gypsy has undeniably one of the largest and most diverse beer selections in Wilmington. With an ever-changing selection, there’s simply no way to list them all. ( see below for our most recent beer menu incarnation)

Find something familiar, pick one at random, or better yet, ASK US! Tell us what you like, and we’ll be happy to recommend something that we think you’ll enjoy!

WE ALSO SERVE DRAFT BEER: Ask for current selection.


1554, Abita, Abita Purple Haze, Abita Seasonal, Ace Apple Cider, Ace Joker Cider, Ace Pear Cider, Ace Seasonal Cider, Almaza, Amstel Light, Anchor Steam, Angry Orchard, Arrogant Bastard, Bison Choc. Stout, Bison IPA, Bison Seasonal, Bitburger, Black Hawk Stout, Brooklyn Brown Ale, Brooklyn IPA, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Seasonal, Budweiser, Bud Lite, Carolina Blonde, Carolina Strawberry Ale, Casa Lager, Chimay, Cottonwood Endo IPA, Cottonwood Seasonal, Dead Guy Ale, Delerium Nocturnum, Delerium Tremens, Dogfish 90 minute IPA, Dogfish Indian Brown Ale, Don De Dieu, Duck Rabbit Amber, Duck Rabbit Brown Ale, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, Duck Rabbit Porter, Duck Rabbit Seasonal, Dundee Honey Brown, Dundee IPA, Dundee Seasonal, Ephemere, Eye Of the Hawk, Fat Tire, Flying Dog Gonzo Porter, Flying Dog Horn Dog, Flying Dog Tire Bite, Front Street Special, Gaffel Kolsch, Guiness Draft Pint, Gulden Draak, Harp, Harpoon IPA, Heineken, Highland Black Mocha, Highland Gaelic Ale, Highland Kashmir IPA, Highland Oatmeal Porter, Highland Seasonal, Highland St.Therese’s Pale Ale, Hobgoblin, Hoppyum, Hoptical Illusion, Jamacian Red, Killians, Leg Biter, Leghumper, Leinenkugel Seasonal, Leinenkugel Sunset, Magic Hat #9, Magic Hat Circusboy, Magic Hat Seasonal, Major Tom’s, Miller High Life, Miller Light, Murphy’s Red, Murphys Stout, Natty Greeene’s OId Brown, Natty Greene’s Seasonal, New Castle, PBR Tallboy, PBR bottle, Pilsner Urquell, Pyramid Apricot Ale, Pyramid Hefeweisen, Racer 5, Red Hook ESB, Red Hook IPA, Red Hook Seasonal, Red Stripe, Red Tail Ale, Retro Red, Rocky Mountain, Rolling Rock, Sam Adams, Sam Adams Seasonal, Sammy Smith Imperial Stout, Sammy Smith Oatmeal, Sammy Smith Taddy Porter, Saranac Pale Ale, Saranac Seasonal, Seadog Blueberry, Seadog Raspberry, Sessions Black, Sessions Lager, Shiner Seasonal, Shotgun Betty, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Seasonal, Sierra Nevada Stout, Southern Tier 2x IPA, St Pauli Girl, St Pauli Girl NA, Steelhead, Steelhead Stout, Steelhead Xpale, Stella Artois, Thomas Creek River Falls, Thomas Creek Stillwater, Thomas Creek Up The Creek, Tecate, Toasted Lager, Twisted Tea, Victory Golden Monkey, Victory Hop Devil, Watermelon Wheat, Weihenstefaner, Woodchuck Amber Cider, Woodchuck Granny Smith’s Cider, Woodchuck Seasonal, Yuengling, Z Lager, Zhiguly Grande

And by the time you read this, there will be new ones. Come in to witness the actual selection! 

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